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The New York State Bar Association urges the United Nations to launch a tribunal to investigate Russia's crimes in Ukraine!

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is the first international legal organization to support the establishment of a tribunal for investigation of crimes committed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, including but not limited to the crime of aggression. On July 19, NYSBA’s Executive Committee voted unanimously for urging the United Nations to investigate and prosecute members of…
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Lawyers of the Putin regime: are they really lawyers?

When choosing education and a profession, we choose our way of life. Having chosen legal education, we chose lawand justice. Every lawyer, regardless of profession and specialization, is expected to work for the benefit of society, the establishment of order and peace in the country and the world, and the protection of the rule of law and human rights. But can those who support Russia’s…
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The Ukrainian Bar Association calls on the Contracting Parties to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide to use all available means to prevent further genocide of the population of Ukraine

The community of Ukrainian lawyers, including the Ukrainian Bar Association, the Ukrainian Association of International Law, the Ukrainian Arbitration Association, the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association, and others, appealed to the Convention to Prevent and Punish the Crime…
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UBA urged international law firms, legal associations, and regulators to terminate the provision of legal services to companies operating in Russian Federation

4 April 2022 marks the 40th day of war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. While the Ukrainian army resists the aggression, the Ukrainian population and economy are suffering from vast-scale damages inflicted by indiscriminate shelling, bombing, deportation and disappearance of civilians, and other atrocities. The recent liberation of Bucha and other cities of the Kyiv region revealed a…
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Online Meeting with the President of the Supreme Court on Functioning of the Justice System During the War. April 8, 2022

The Ukrainian Bar Association invites you to an online meeting with Mr Vsevolod Knyazev, President of the Supreme Court, aimed at discussing the state of affairs in the justice system in view of the war. The meeting will take place on Friday, 8 April 2022, from 12:00 to 14:00 Kyiv time. Participants will have two hours of an open communication with President Knyazev covering the following key…
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