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Support the Project Sunflowers that collects information on Russia’s crimes in Ukraine

The initiators of the Project Sunflowers, whose participants collect testimonies of witnesses to the crimes of the Russian invaders in Ukraine, have launched fundraising to support it. The Project was created to help Ukrainian authorities and international institutions that register and investigate violations of international humanitarian law and crimes under international law committed in…
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“Feeding the Russian crocodile” — the GAN white paper of why the appeasement policy toward Russia still led to war

The Ukraine Task Force of The Global Accountability Network (GAN UKTF) has published a white paper “Feeding the Russian crocodile: a historical analysis of appeasement as a modern threat to international peace and security” in which historical facts demonstrate how fear among democracies of the threat of war forced them to indulge the aggressive foreign policies of despotic regimes which…
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GAN’s Ukraine Task Force recommends to the UN Secretary General to conclude a bilateral agreement on the establishment of a Special Tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine

The Ukraine Task Force of The Global Accountability Network has published a white paper that will contain a draft UNGA resolution recommending to the United Nations Secretary-General that he enter into a bi-lateral agreement to create a Special Tribunal for Ukraine on the…