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First legal forum EU-Eastern Partnership. May 26-27, 2022

The current situation on the international market clearly shows how important dialogue is. We have been planning First Legal EU-Eastern Partnership Forum for a year, but the war in Ukraine, which took the whole world by surprise, caused that the perspective of cooperation between the Eastern countries and the EU has completely changed. We were supposed to discuss trade in the context of development and post-pandemic economic rupture, but in the current situation we want to dedicate our meeting to the chances of reactivating economic exchange in the new reality.


  • What is the position of Ukrainian companies in the context of cooperation with foreign partners?
  • Is cooperation with Eastern partners effective and ethical in a war?
  • How do the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus affect the international market?
  • How to find new partners and suppliers?
  • The essence of the mechanisms of legal regulation in the conditions of martial law and the economic crisis, etc.



Our event is intended to help rebuild business relations in the new, challenging geopolitical and economic conditions. On May 26-27, Warsaw will become the heart of the legal market and international dialogue! Ispiring speeches, interesting discussions, networking and B2B meetings and a large dose of practical knowledge that will help you find your way in the new economic reality and establish relationships with foreign partners are waiting for you.

Date: May 26-27, 2022

Location: Warsaw, Warsaw Marriott Hotel

Details on https://legalforum.eu/

The Ukrainian Bar Association is an information partner of the First Legal EU-Eastern Partnership Forum.

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