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On October 24, 2022, the UBA Young Lawyers Forum will be held the event on the topic: “Secrets of language learning”

On October 24, 2022 at 19:00 UBA Young Lawyers Forum invites you to an online meeting with Steve Kaufmann – not even a polyglot, but a hyperglot who speaks dozens of languages. He definitely knows the secrets of their study. And a small spoiler, this is definitely not about jagged words.

Steve is convinced that anyone can learn a new language. You just need to be motivated and have the right method. During our meeting, Steve will share with you his method, which he discovered and perfected over the years, learning new and new languages.

Meeting moderator:

Mykyta Zhukov, Manager at AB ZHUKOV LEGAL FAMILY OFFICE, co-founder of the Legal Design project, Chairman of the UBA Committee on Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights, coordinator of UBA Young Lawyers Forum

Brief background on Steve Kaufmann:

Steve Kaufmann

Steve Kaufmann was born in Sweden in 1945 and moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 5. He is a graduate of L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, France (1966).

After a career as a diplomat, business executive and private business owner in the international trade of wood products, Steve co-founded LingQ.com in 2003, together with his son Mark. LingQ is a website and mobile language learning platform.

In his book, The Way of the Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey, also published in 2003, Steve describes how he learned to speak nine languages prior to the age of 60. Since that time Steve has learned another 10 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian, using LingQ. Steve is currently learning Persian and Arabic the same way.

Steve has a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lingosteve/videos and a blog https://blog.thelinguist.com/.

So? Are you ready to successfully master foreign languages?

Learn from the best! Join our webinar and be able to ask a native speaker questions about the intricacies of their rapid acquisition.

The language of the event is English, although another language is possible with hyperglot.

🔥 Format: online (ZOOM platform).

Pre-registration is required.

A personal link to join the event will be sent to each participant at the email address specified during registration.

Please note that participation in the event is free, but you can support the institutional activities of UBA in the form of a DONATION, the size of which you determine at your discretion. The coordinators of the Young Lawyers Forum work every day to ensure that in this difficult time for everyone, everyone interested gets access to quality content.

Additionally, we invite you to join the Young Lawyers Forum group in Telegram. This can be done using the invitation link: https://t.me/+HYdyogB5Zs5iYWYy.  

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Event coordinator
Tetiana Osaulenko

For additional information about the event, contact: +38 (063) 792-30-99 (calls via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or write to: conference@uba.ua.

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