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❗️Update on the security situation in Ukraine (9 pm on May 16)

“Secretary Ostin reaffirmed the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine’s efforts to preserve its sovereignty and security assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russian aggression,” – the Pentagon said in a statement.
News link: https://bit.ly/3yI01Rl

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has said that it does not make sense for Western leaders to talk to Vladimir Putin, as this does not end the war in Ukraine and kill civilians.
News link: https://bit.ly/3Poeho1

The occupiers fired on Lviv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions, restless also in Donbass
News link: https://bit.ly/3a78xPx

The occupiers are holding more than 3,000 Mariupol residents in a filtration prison for pro-Ukrainian views.
News link: https://bit.ly/3LjtyDh

The “Mariupol” garrison completed its combat mission and held back about 20,000 Russian troops.
They did not allow the enemy to transfer groups of up to 17 battalion tactical groups (about 20,000 personnel) to other areas. This prevented the implementation of the plan for the rapid capture of Zaporizhzhia, to reach the administrative border of Donetsk and Zaporizhian regions and create conditions for environment of the JFO grouping.
News link: https://bit.ly/3yGT56R

The occupying power is preparing a pseudo-referendum in Energodar on joining the Russian Federation
News link: https://bit.ly/3MCpKPj

According to the General Staff of the Armed Force of Ukraine the total estimated losses of the Russian Federation from 24.02 to 16.05 as of 6 am establish:
In personnel – about 27 700 (+300) people were liquidated;
tanks – 1228 (+8) units;
armored combat vehicles – 2974 (+16) units;
artillery systems – 577 (+22) units;
MLRS – 195 (+0) units;
air defense – 89 (+0) units;
aircraft – 200 (+0) units;
helicopters – 165 (+1) units;
UAVs operational and tactical level – 427 (+11);
cruise missiles – 97 (+2);
ships / boats – 13 (+0) units;
motor vehicles and tank trucks – 2101 (+14) units; special equipment – 42 (+0).
News link: https://bit.ly/3FSmkoQ

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