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How lawyers around the world help Ukrainians. The story of one volunteering

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the International Section of the New York State Bar Association immediately gathered the best lawyers in the sphere of international law, and the work began. NYSBA’s Ukraine Task Force was created to help Ukraine. The main part of the activities within this volunteer initiative was undertaken by the NYSBA Chapter in Ukraine, which operates on the platform of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Ukrainians seeking protection from the war were helped to speed up obtaining work permits, find safe shelters and places to live, and resolved many other issues.

Another important area of focus for the NYSBA’s Ukraine Task Force is the collection of evidence proving Russia’s war crimes.

Inspired and systematic work has produced truly outstanding results, and NYSBA’s Ukraine Task Force has turned into a national-level Ukrainian Immigration Task Force. This voluntary legal coalition includes more than 100 attorneys and policy professionals, as well as representatives from nonprofit and human rights organizations.

Read more about how the Ukraine Immigration Task Force was created and what it is doing now at the link.

As previously reported, the UBA and the International Section of NYSBA (NYSBA International) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in December 2021, and NYSBA Chapter in Ukraine was established on the platform of the UBA.

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