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Opportunities for young lawyers: results of the first meeting of the UBA Young Lawyers Forum

The first meeting of the UBA Forum of Young Lawyers was conducted, led by the new team. This Forum is a professional platform for exchanging experience, opinions, and knowledge during various events and also creates new opportunities for young lawyers to realize their ambitious goals.

This UBA section will be coordinated by the winners of the UBA Best Young Lawyer Award – 2021:

  • Mykyta Zhukov, executive, ZHUKOV LEGAL FAMILY OFFICE, co-founder of the Legal Design project, Chairman of the UBA Committee on Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Human Rights.
  • Dmytro Melnyk, associate, Arzinger law firm.
  • Vladyslav Shtager, associate, BetterMe.
  • Mykhailo Protsailo, junior associate, LCF Law Group.

Moderating the event, Mykyta Zhukov outlined the following goals and key areas of activity in the Forum:

  • creation of the conditions for building a successful career as a lawyer;
  • learning the right combination of professional training and personal life;
  • result of requirements for young lawyers to communicate with senior colleagues;
  • promotion of the personal development of each young lawyer;
  • activation of the participation of young lawyers in the UBA activities and development;
  • increasing the number of students joining the UBA after they graduate from higher education institutions.

The areas of the Forum’s activity are defined as follows:

  • organization and conducting of events dedicated to professional and personal development;
  • informing about internships, studies abroad (LL.M, PhD programs), and other programs of professional guidance and emotional development;
  • cooperation with international youth organizations within the framework of the Forum’s activities and professional organizations, which include youth divisions. Recently, the Ukrainian Bar Association joined the European Association of Young Lawyers.

The team of coordinators is interested in finding new opportunities for young professionals and implementing their initiatives.

Thus, according to Mykhailo Protsailo, in times of extreme uncertainty, it is crucial that the voice of lawyers who are just starting their careers be heard. That is why he expects that the Forum will promote the interests of the younger generation of lawyers, which is vital for ensuring the legal profession’s future.

Unfortunately, the legal business “passed away” a little due to the war. Therefore, it became even more difficult for young lawyers not to ask themselves: “What do I have to do in this profession?”. Vladyslav Shtager sees the task of the Forum in these difficult times to prevent recent graduates from losing faith that they can do what they love, learn more about the opportunities that surround them, and use them.

Mykyta Zhukov noted that Ukraine is currently going through difficult times. At the same time, it remains attractive as a political partner and a new market for many European companies. While communicating with various foreign law firms, Mykyta noted the amazement of his foreign colleagues at how many advanced legal institutes operate in Ukraine. For example, public purchases comply with European directives and are similar to EU procurement and provide participants and suppliers with user-friendly platforms and tools for participation.

The Forum of Young Lawyers is designed not only to help realize the creative and professional ambitions of lawyers in Ukraine, but also to support our lawyers who are currently abroad.

At the same time, our lawyers will have the opportunity to work to the state’s benefit while abroad. It is about providing highly qualified expertise on the functioning of legal and state institutions of Ukraine, which, in turn, will provide an opportunity for lawyers to apply the skills acquired in Ukraine and, secondly, help foreign investors and foreign companies discover Ukraine for themselves.

The development of young lawyers, which plays an important role, becomes even more critical in the current time of war and turbulence. Accordingly, more than ever, it is necessary to create additional opportunities for young lawyers for their professional and personal growth – noted Dmytro Melnyk.

A Telegram group has been created for the UBA Young Lawyers Forum participants for accessible communication, expressing their ideas, and agreeing on further joint steps, which you can join using the invitation link: https://t.me/+HYdyogB5Zs5iYWYy. Join the group and enjoy opportunities for your professional and personal growth.

Footage of the Forum of Young Lawyers meeting can be found here.

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