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Swedish Bar Association supports Ukraine and Ukrainian Lawyers!

Swedish Bar Association (SBA) informed that as member of the Council of Bars and Law Societies in Europe (CCBE) and the International Bar Association (IBA) SBA has in strongest words possible condemned the Russian invasion; that it strongly condemns Russian invasion.

Additionally, SBA informed about practical steps that are already taken in order to help Ukraine:

1. Set up an administration of Swedish advocates who can provide free legal advice and other assistance on the ground in the event of a large-scale refugee wave from Ukraine to Sweden.

The contacts of lawyers are provided for database and are shared with UBA and UNBA.

2. Donated a significant sum to the Red Cross and to the UNHCR.

3. Initiate a fundraising campaign in order to encourage Swedish law firms and individual lawyers to donate money to the cause of Ukraine.

4. SBA activated a new webpage the Swedish Bar Association has activated in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

UBA and UNBA can use these contacts:

1) Stockholm

Jens Sjölund (Prio Advokatbyrå) jens.sjolund@prioadvokat.se, telefon 073-519 09 94.

Gustaf Linderholm (Advokatbyrån Linderholm) gustaf.linderholm@linderholmlaw.se, telefon 076-876 56 19.

Mikael Niklasson mikael@activaadvokaterna.se, +46 (0)42 21 80 70

Nina Tiberg info@tiberglex.se

Patric Olivero patric.olivero@advokatmimer.se, +46 (0)8-774 05 40

Advokatfirman Serce & Partners info@sercepartners.se, +46 (0)31-796 0606

Monica Behm, Hestra Advokatbyrå AB mb@hestraadvokat.se

Camilla Karapetyan camilla@advokatpartners.se, +46 (0)70-0009985

Emma Malm emma@divinius.se , +46 (0)44-10 09 91

Majeed Alnashi majeed@alnashi.se, + 46 (8) 511 657 00

Enar Bostedt advokatbostedt@telia.com, +46 (0)8 23 15 23

Terfa Nisébini terfa@mirlex.se, +46 (0)10- 200 80 78

2) Göteborg

Tomas Fridh (Fridh Advokatbyrå) tomas.fridh@fridhadvokatbyra.se, telefon 031-63 11 91.

3) Malmö

Sait Umdi (Umdi Advokatbyrå) info@advokatumdi.se, telefon 040-616 00 55/.

4) Umeå

Dario Gagula (Västerbottens Advokatbyrå) dario@vbadvokat.se, telefon 073-140 12 45.

Ukrainian lawyers are grateful for all support and help!

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