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The second stage of competition for the position of a member of the HQCJ of Ukraine has begun

On January 16, the Selection Commission for the selection of candidates for the positions of members of the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine (HQCJ) started the second stage of the competition — interviews with 64 candidates.

Interviews will take place in January and February 2023. The January interview schedule is available on the High Council of Justice (HCJ) website.

Members of the Selection Commission interview candidates remotely, via ZOOM. Interviews are broadcast online on the official website of the HCJ and official channels of the Selection Commission — Facebook and YouTube — in Ukrainian and English. The duration of one interview is up to 90 minutes.

“The interview questions are designed to assess the candidate’s compliance with the criteria of integrity and professionalism. The questions will focus, but not be limited to, on such topics as the vision of the future of the Ukrainian judiciary and the HQCJ role in that, knowledge in the field of law, legal proceedings and judicial system”, the Selection Commission notes in a press release.

Due to security conditions and power outages in Ukraine, the interview schedule can be modified what will be reported. The February schedule is to be announced.

The Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) supports the work done by the Selection Commission for the selection of candidates for the positions of members of the HQCJ. The UBA regularly informs of the Commission’s work and carries out joint activities with it.

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