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UBA joined Ukraine Justice Alliance

Ukrainian Bar Association and the Ukraine Justice Alliance (UJA) launched cooperation aimed at strengthening legal support to Ukrainian citizens in view of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

UJA is a global coalition of lawyers, law firms, investigators and non-governmental organisations that have formed an alliance to support Ukrainians and the Ukrainian Government in response to the catastrophic Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The alliance was created for a purpose to provide free advice on legal issues (from the humanitarian consequences to matters of accountability) that are affecting Ukraine. Members of the Alliance have committed to examine individual cases, support and bring direct legal actions regarding human rights and international law violations, environmental abuses and stolen and damaged national assets.

UBA and the Alliance will work in the following areas:

  • Sanctions, reparations and development of a mechanism of confiscation of property of the Russian Federation that is under sanctions;
  • Enforcement of court decisions on Russian war crimes in Ukraine;
  • Professional and logistical support to Ukrainian lawyers.
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