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«You are fighting for Freedom — Ours and Yours», say partners of Polish law firms in a letter of support to Ukraine

Today the whole world has united for the sake of peace. Every day, the Ukrainian Bar Association receives letters of support from international legal organizations, lawyers contact us via our Facebook page and express their readiness to help and accept refugees from Ukraine. We are sincerely grateful to everyone!

«The entire world is holding their breath in awe as you heroically stand up to the barbaric invasion of your Homeland by the Russian regime.

We, your Polish friends, lawyers, pay tribute today to the indomitable spirit of Ukraine and to the heroes who sacrificed their lives in this illegal war waged against the sovereign country of Ukraine.  We promise you that we will do everything in our power to help you in your fight against the cruel invader who is bombing your homes and murdering innocent civilians, including women and children. We will take care of those who seek refuge in our Homeland, while you shed blood in defence of yours.

Today you are fighting for «Freedom — Ours and Yours», just as other heroes once did, opposing the evil Tsarist despotism, when our Homeland — like Ukraine today — was being torn to pieces. You are fighting for a free and united Europe, for a new democratic world whose strength lies in solidarity, human dignity and community, not in aggression or lies.». These are the words of more than 300 partners of law firms in Poland who signed the letter.

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