Support UBA by becoming an international partner. By paying an annual fee, you join our cause and help us continue our activities.

This option is available for foreign lawyers who would like to become a part of the UBA team.

What we offer:

  • Regular updates in English on UBA activities and documents (statements, news, events, etc.)
  • Access to information on Ukrainian lawyers, an opportunity to find partners in Ukraine
  • 1 free ticket to any of the UBA international conferences
  • An opportunity to hold events and consult with the UBA Committees on any issues of Ukrainian law or practice
  • Organization and holding by the UBA of 2 online events for Ukrainian audience at the request of an international partner
  • Participation of one representative of an international partner in the meetings of the Partners Club
  • An ability to use the UBA logo
  • Placement of a logo of an international partner on the website and other visual materials of the UBA
  • Dissemination of information on activities of international partners by means of publication of interviews, articles and other materials in the media

How to join:

  1. Fill in the application
  2. Pay the membership fee (5000€ per year)

If you wish to donate to UBA activities, you can do it here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

Executive Director
Inna Liniova

Chief Operating Officer
Viktoriia Krasnova