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Statement of the Ukrainian Bar Association on the participation of the Republic of Belarus in the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

On 27 February 2022, on the fourth day of the war started by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the self-proclaimed government of the Republic of Belarus plans to officially approve participation of the Belarusian army in the military actions and to order partial mobilization.

However, the Republic of Belarus is ALREADY a party to the war, as it facilitated the deployment of the Russian army on its territory, provided an opportunity for the military to attack Ukraine from the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, and directly shelled the territory of Ukraine. On 24 February, ballistic missiles were fired from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and in the morning of February 27 – a cruise missile, which has been confirmed by the self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko.

The Republic of Belarus, as well as the Russian Federation, openly and grossly violates principles and norms of international law and commits war crimes and crimes against humanity. The self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus supports the aggressive war against Ukraine and publicly approves of the Kremlin’s actions. Such actions are a basis for the urgent imposition of sanctions against the Republic of Belarus and against its de facto leadership.

The Ukrainian Bar Association demands that international organizations and foreign governments take measures for COMPLETE FINANCIAL, ECONOMIC AND MILITARY ISOLATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS, namely:

  • to FULLY disconnect the Republic of Belarus from the SWIFT system and to block Belarus’ access to foreign currency, in particular US dollar and Euro, until full termination of military actions in Ukraine and withdrawal of Russian and Belorussian troops from the territory of Ukraine;
  • to impose PERSONAL SANCTIONS AGAINST POLITICAL AND MILITARY LEADERSHIP OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS AND THEIR ENTOURAGE WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, including business elite close to the self-proclaimed President, senior management of banks and legal entities involved in aggression;
  • to SUSPEND ANY TRADE WITH THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS in order to uncompromisingly isolate it until the complete termination of military actions;
  • to undertake measures for personal liability of the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus;
  • taking into account probability of official participation of the Belarusian army in the war, we once again call for the deployment OF THE UN PEACEKEEPING CONTINGENT TO UKRAINE.

The full text of the open appeal is available by the link.

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